Maria Miraglia

Graduated in Philosophy at the University Federico II of Naples, is Teacher Expert in P4C, after attending the specialization course Il curricolo della Philoisophy for Children. Aspetti teorici e metodologici at the University Federico II of Naples and the course of Philosphy for Children and Philosophy for Community at the CRIF (Centro di Ricerca per l’Indagine Filosofica) Summer School in Acuto. She also attended the philosophical writing workshop, sponsored by Graphein. Italian Society of pedagogy and didactics of writing.
Educator, she works in Naples at the Social Cooperative “Assistenza e Territorio”, which is in charge of infant distress. At the cooperative she made several P4C laboratories since 2008 in various educational projects with children aged 5 to 16 years and with the workers of the same cooperative. She also ran P4C workshops in some schools of the Naples area.
She published for the magazine “Childhood and Philosophy” the article Un’esperienza alternativa; the poster presented at Padua, on the occasion of the XIV ICPIC meeting, Gamelike activity and Philosophy for Children. Can P4C be applied to a ludic contest? A working hypothesis in nonformal educational contexts, in Marina Santi, Stefano Oliverio (eds.), Educating for Complex Thinking through Philosophical Inquiry. Models, Advances, and Proposals for the New Millenium, Napoli, Liguori Editore, 2012; the stories Skizzo e Chiodo and L’ormone è ignorante, in AA.VV., Il risentimento della mula. Racconti e strumenti per l’indagine filosofica, Liguori, Napoli, 2011.
She participated in the XXII Ibero-American Seminar “Filosofia para niñas y niños” in Madrid, with the paper La P4C come strumento d’integrazione sociale. She also took part in the professional training course on Il Curricolo della Philosophy for Children. Aspetti metodologici, organized by the TEOMESUS (Teorie e Metodi delle Scienze Umane e Sociali) Department of the University of Naples Federico II, with a conference on the theme: Costruire un racconto per l’indagine filosofica.